peace and travel [B]LOG

Hi, I’m Jenny. My goal in life is to find peace and joy…and travel as much as possible, because that is the #1 way I find peace and joy. Why don’t you join me for the trip?

The home of golf: revisted

This post is from the archives…in other words, from a blog I wrote years ago. We were lucky enough to live in Europe for three years (the Netherlands for one and Scotland for two) due to my husband’s job at the time. We loved getting to visit a bunch of different parts of Scotland, Ireland, … Continue reading The home of golf: revisted

A new chapter

The story of our lives is an epic novel, right? If that’s the case, then I’m turning the page to the next chapter. Today is a special day in this next chapter, because it’s World Tourism Day. I know you are thinking, “yeah, yeah Jenny, it’s just another one of ‘those days’”. And I’d usually … Continue reading A new chapter